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Testimonials - from members only - unsolicited

"I just renewed my subscription - again. I've been here for many years now as a charter member with this service. I am always more comfortable with keeping the market in perspective when informed of the daily moves by this service. This is especially helpful in highly volatile markets as we are seeing lately. Keep up the great work!" - PW

"BP you are the man!! (QLD trade) I can see I need to pay better attention! (and change my trading acct over to IB) Thanks for your continued mastery of these markets..." - PW

"I think your last 10 days of commentary to maybe be the best of the 10 years!" - RBG

"Your last paragraph is 100% spot on target!" - RH

"I really appreciate all of your insightful input and your tremendous ability to call your plan, and trade to the plan! You set your trades up, take profits without greed and take your losses according to the plan without being trigger happy. I do not make many of your trades, because I am usually too busy working, but I really enjoy your commentary and your sensible style to your trading. I am not making money with you on your trades, but I feel like I am learning a lot." - BM

"I just wanted to tell you how much I learned from reading your posts this week. First you called the market bottom by using the VIX index, and then on Friday we received that great little lesson about how to use the 10 Day Moving Averages. How come CNBC never mentions these things? I took a big hit on shorting Dell this week but from now on, I am going to be looking at these moving average charts before I make any decisions. No more blind momentum buying and selling for me." - GP

"Great call on X (US Steel)!!!!" - JS

"Master Trader: Loved your column, today, old friend, as I now am only hangin' on to two stocks...lol...the fruit and Intel. And I bought Intel with you awhile back, December 07 but when you left, I hung on...dumb move -I know -I know..and entry was back with you around 26...so I see the hope for Apple of course but would you dump Intel at this point? Or do you see a few quick points back here. Friday's downgrade on the stock to a 12 from 24 from some no-name brokerage sure didn't help. But I figured with AMD on it's last legs..Intel becomes the monopoly in the chip world and we would see 30's especially around last August when we broke through to 27 again. Need to get more nimble like you. Hate to take a 50% bath but...hey we've danced this dance for almost a decade together.....what do you say? Thoughts master? Grasshopper" - HV

"Thanks for advice. Your commentary gives me confidence to trade in markets like this and is very much appreciated. I took my 401K money out of the market about 18 months ago - I saw this mortgage mess coming for a while. I missed the last 10% up but also missed the the whole downslope. It seems like it's time to start getting back in. I'm just wondering it's worth waiting until the bottom has passed - and possibly missing the first few percent - or start now." - MV

"You are the king, Had a great day, Thanks to you, I owe you dinner anytime you want, Cheers!" - KS

"I got your trades for yesterday but somehow I forgot you were looking to buy RIMM at 88..Well as it was I followed RIMM and when it got oversold on the 10min chart I bought RIMM at 96.14 then sold it on a bounce to 98.08 After I reviewed the update I was surprised to see 88...Well it worked anyway..Thanks for the heads up" - AR

"I believe that your integrity and honesty on your web site is second to none. I have tried other services, and none of them offer the insight and education that you do, not to mention you have answered every single one of my e-mails not only the same day, but most always within an hour! That is truly remarkable. As always, keep up the good work. You've probably heard it a hundred times before, but your daily analysis on trading and the market is right on. Your pinpoint accuracy on a regular basis has spoiled us to the point that we want to make money on every trade setup you provide, and we don't want to miss a tick!" - JV

"I have been a subscriber I think from day one. In fact I sent you a check even before you started charging for your wonderful site. I just wanted to let you know that because of your site I feel I have developed into a fine trader. You sir, do one helluva job and I look forward to 11 and 3 every trading day. Just an e-mail to say thank you and keep up the fine work!" - GK

"I really must tell you this story. For the past, frankly I don't know how many years, I have been using your service and magnificent analysis so well that I have beaten my friend Jim every year for at least 10 years in our stock game. This might seem like a small thing to some but I've know Jim since kindergarten and he has a CPA/MBA and teaches at a local college. This translates into a bottle of "DOM" for every win. I've got champagne coming out of my ears with more to spare. Thank You Very Much." - FF

"Fantastic call on the JNPR short this week, that was a rare opportunity to capture the move in whole. Anyway, I took the IBM trade at the close today to look for a small rebound Mon. or Tues. I'm looking for a target of 107.5-108.... BTW, made 45% on my trading account equity for the week, markets like this don't come around much!!" - CM

"Good work!!" - FL

"Your service is just what I needed as your views and outlook compliments my own analysis and selections.  It's nice to have someone share his day trading thoughts with me." - JH





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