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Take control of your financial freedom
Use our exprience to achieve your goals during bull and bear markets
This website teaches stock traders how to day trade and swing trade by showing our unique style of technical analysis, the actual trade selections, and the resulting completion of these trades. We are day trading and swing trading stock picks of mostly large capitalization liquid stocks.
We present our trades and follow-ups for the stock trader here in real-time around 3:30pm EDT. And after the close, we also give a recap of the major indices, "Index Analysis," along with the next day's day trade as illustrated with detailed chart(s).
We will show you our analysis for day trade and swing trade set-ups, our risk and reward parameters for stops and targets on every swing trade, as well as a daily recap of all our positions. Our in-house "Day Trader" will let traders know in real-time which day trades he is looking at for the next trading day while "Swing Trader" will follow his swing trading positions until completion on the subscriber page.
Commentaries on the general market tone and fast moving stocks are important to the day trader as action and direction are needed before the market closes. Technical Analysis is extensively used as a stock's immediate hindsight is used to predict its next subsequent movements.
This website will teach you how to be a better trader as you will learn how to be objective and consistent from seeing our day trading and swing trading blotters on a daily basis.
With our FREE DayTrader1 app for iOS and Android, you get all the benefits of our website and email notifications in one convenient place. With our apps you get:
- Real-time notification of our updates
- Historical access to our recent analysis & decisions
- Convenient links to all market related information
June 1, 2017 We are no longer offering subscriptions. Thank you for your patronage over the years. WL
Real-Time Access
to our time-sensitive Day Trading analysis and actionable ideas
Follow our Swing Trades
from setup through completion with stops and targets
Real-Time Commentary
on the general marketplace as well as daily day trades
Index Analysis Recap and Technical Analysis
of the present day as well as potential next-day trades, all accompanied with detailed charts
Technical analysis
of next-day trades as seen with accompanying charts
Instant Notification
by email, and directly on your iPhone or Android device.
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