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A successful broker must always define what he or she would like to do as "gathering assets" and "trading stocks" are two very separate lifestyles.

"Gathering assets" is the utilization of time to bring in financial assets so that ultimately, one can accumulate over $100 million and just by rolling over assets with a half a percent gives an annual salary of $500,000. Obviously if higher paying products like mutual funds or packaged products are used, the compensation increases dramatically.

On the other hand, "day trading and swing trading stocks" means that most of the time is used to stare at quotes so that clients can be alerted when prices reach their objectives. Although this is "sexier" than cold-calling prospects, it also hinders the growth as no new clients or assets are coming in. What good is trying to place any shares of a new issue or secondary issue if one has no clients to call?

The reality of this is that too often a broker that "gathers assets," cold-calls and/or prospects do not have the necessary time or resources to watch the quotes all day or do the appropriate research and studies to trade efficiently. How can one concentrate on swing trading activity if during the working day, prospects interrupt or other trader-clients call in for quotes? And if you are a new broker with just a limited trading experience, what value are you offering clients who are now much better informed than in the past as they are connected to the net, watch CNN*CNBC, and get alerted on their iPhone, Blackberry or Palm Pre's?

We understand all of this and have helped many brokers with our day and swing trading systems to become a successful broker. If a broker gather assets in his first several years in production and do no trading, he should be on his way to become a million dollar producer. This is because all the time will be geared towards prospecting as the morning hours are used to cold-call while the afternoons and nights should be allocated to meeting prospects and opening accounts. In other words, there would be no more time to watch stock prices on the screens. Now if the broker signs up an account that wants to trade, how can he/she do the trading if he/she is too busy prospecting?

That is where we come in as both the broker and client review our analysis and execute a professional trade that encompasses risk and reward on a short-term basis. Our trading style uses technical analysis but we give alot of value in the trades that we cover from the initial selection to the final outcome. Before any trade is selected, we already know why was the stock picked, what the buy price is, our stops, and where our targets will be placed. These and other answers are required by any trader if the plan of action is to be successful. Time wasted in trading is not seen here because our swing trading system uses stops and predicted targets that can be entered once filled.

Which is to say, our site would help you manage the trading part of your business. From the initial trade setup with stops and targets, we will explain why we are buying or selling and if the client agrees with our analysis, then managing the swing trade will be very easy. This will free up the time from watching the screen so that one may concentrate in prospecting and bringing in new assets. Obviously, you can tell the client to watch CNN*CNBC but the bottom line is about managing the short-term trades in a timely and professional way while giving you control over your day to plan and prospect assets.

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